Half Man Half Noodle

1% Better

I love this concept. The percentage value is arbitrary but going into any day, task, conversation with the notion of simply being slightly better than you were before is important. It only has to be marginal but make sure that you’re better.

Talking with your friends, being that bit more attentive to what they’re saying and paying attention to what they may need. Do you have to be a superstar conversationalist taking care of every aspect of their complicated emotional needs? Of course not but making the interaction more meaningful will have a profound difference on both lives.

There is this societal pressure to be at the top of your game at all times. Living this imagined “best life.” This is a game after all and just because you’re winning at a game, doesn’t mean it’s a good game. The actual reality is much simpler, you only have to get better by a smaller amount each time and if you continually do this, the results will compound over time.

1% better, that’s it.