Are you seeking the truth? Or comforting yourself with excuses.

If anyone can refute me – show me I’m making a mistake or looking at things from the wrong perspective – I’ll gladly change.


It’s the truth I’m after and the truth never harmed anyone. What harms us is to persist in self-defeat and ignorance – Marcus Aurelius Meditations (6:21)

How often do we avoid the truth? Fool ourselves into thinking we’re looking at situations objectively? I do it all the time. That comforting blanket of ignorance helps me sleep. Consuming books or podcasts about changing the way I think and feeling as if by simply consuming, the work is done. I have heard the information so now I am changed! Am I doing the work? Not always. The truth keeps you awake.

If I look at my bank account I see the truth. I see where I’m spending my money. It’s been said, if you want to see what a man cares about, look at where he spends his money. How often do we examine this instead of simply seeing if there’s enough for our next vanity purchase? In the same way you should judge a person by their actions not their words. It’s incredibly easy to talk about how you’re an entrepreneur or a social activist but what are you doing to make change in these areas?

In this vein, we need to judge ourselves by our actions and not by our words. “I’m going to lose weight and get healthy”, ok, what are your actions telling you? Are you losing weight? Are you seeking for the truth about yourself, looking at what you’re eating and weighing yourself. That’s the truth.

Accept criticism with open arms. Look at it as a chance to see ways you can improve instead of an attack on who you are. Not all criticism will be warranted but some of it will be. If you hear a similar remark from different people, there’s a good chance there’s some truth in it. If you get particularly offended by a piece of criticism, there’s even more chance there’s truth in it. Embrace it.

As Aurelius said, the truth never hurt anyone, only failing to accept it.