Half Man Half Noodle

Back to reality

Here in Melbourne, we’re starting to come out of the hard lockdown. Months of total restriction. Working from home, only allowed to leave your home for an hour of exercise, grocery shopping or medical care. Such tyranny and oppression! It was incredible.

I’m not being sarcastic. As constrained as it was, within these very tight limitations it enabled me to find myself again. You didn’t have to exercise self-control in managing social gatherings or balancing work load because there was no choice.

Your options were either to focus on yourself or distract yourself. That’s life when you think about it. Generally though it’s much easier to distract yourself disguised as work.

An eye opening experience for everyone, both positive and negative. What’s important moving forward is being mindful of what aspects where either positive or negative for you. How can you implement those elements into your “new normal.”