Half Man Half Noodle

Before the world wakes

When you’re voluntarily getting out of a comfortable bed, to engage in a strenuous activity that you’re not getting paid for, you want it to count. People aren’t in the gym at 5am to take selfies and text their friends. They’re there to improve.

Those who wake early to study before their kids wake up, are doing it to improve. Preparing meals that help you stick to your diet through a busy day is the same. Or getting up early to care for someone. It’s all self-sacrifice to improve quality of life.

These early hours before the majority of the world has awoken are perfect for productivity. Not only has your brain not accumulated a days worth of distraction but few others are awake to distract. No emails, texts or phone calls to disrupt your flow.

Try rising earlier and plan to use this time in a way to improve.