Before you watch that video

Before you drink that beer, hit snooze or think about another woman. Ask yourself “Is this the best use of the time I have?”

We make a lot of lazy decisions. Part of this comes down to the idea of deserving. I’ve worked really hard today, therefore I deserve to have a few beers. Why do you think you deserve that treat? What’s your timescale and conditions for reward? If I’ve followed my diet strictly for 12 weeks, maybe then, I deserve a cheat meal. Even then, who’s to say I deserve that? What would happen if I were harder on myself?

There are those who are too hard on themselves for sure but then there are those of us who aren’t hard enough. It’s common that you think you’re too hard on yourself when you aren’t even close. It’s the Dunning Kruger effect for effort.

This isn’t a punishment but a way of developing discipline to become better. We can always try harder. Not because we hate ourselves but because we love ourselves. Why wouldn’t you want the best life for yourself? A long, healthy life filled with happiness. Sticking to goals and those results in time often leads to more happiness. Set time frames and expectations for yourself that are above what is comfortable. Push that little bit harder each day and the results will compound over time.

When you’ve actually worked hard, you will sleep better. Sleep in the faith that you’ve done all you can. With persistent effort, the rewards will come.

Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life – Jerzy Gregorek