Half Man Half Noodle

Bullshitting yourself

It’s tempting to write about change. Subtly giving yourself a pat on the back for ‘good’ habits you’ve cultivated. Bullshitting yourself. It’s impossible to know how a person on the other side of a wall of text is living their life. Did Tony Robbins amass his fortune by being the person in Awaken The Giant? Or as a result of others buying it to be that person?

Don’t dig for gold, sell shovels.

What’s more beneficial to the community as a whole, is an honest critique of your current life experience. Our shared weakness and aspiration to get better through lifelong learning. Only through this vulnerability can we all grow.

Instead of desperately thinking of an idea that will transform the way someone thinks, my time would be better spent trying to cultivate a mindset of creating value for others through service. Not bullshitting myself. Real value is created behind the scenes of those who are creating. I’m enjoying Jens Larsens videos on Jazz guitar and Kelly Starretts mobility drills. Value isn’t created by investing in stocks as a weekend trader but in sharing our life experience, struggles and knowledge.

Inspired by the insight of Derek Sivers. Instead of spending this time furthering a public diary entry, it will be spent figuring out what I’m actually spending my time doing now. Is this what I should be doing? Is this what I want to be doing? Where to next?