Half Man Half Noodle

Does it serve you?

As you go about your day doing what you do, ask yourself “Is this serving me?”

Sleeping in. Serving me?
Coffee. Serving me?
Going to see brother. Serving me?
Going for walk. Serving me?
Lying on the couch eating snacks. Serving me?

Even though you might feel the answer to some of these questions is intended to be no, that’s not the purpose.

You might feel guilty if your friend is always getting up early whilst you sleep in, but you must contextualise. Do you stay up later at night? Do you work harder and need a few extra hours rest? Does sleeping in genuinely make you feel better? Have you tried the alternative? Only you can answer this for your own scenario.

Being open to exploring alternatives is healthy but you must ask the question first. If you’ve really enjoyed all the extra time being away from work during lockdown then maybe it’s time to question if your job is serving you, and if not, what’s your alternative?

Pablo Picasso said “Computers are useless, they can only give you answers.” Whilst this statement is outdated when it comes to the ability of our modern computers, he is raising the important point that questions are what are important. Even at that, you have to ask the right questions, so ask yourself today, is this serving me?