Half Man Half Noodle

Don’t challenge yourself

The news is in, we were wrong. The common advice to challenge yourself each day, work hard and smash through plateaus is poppycock! It turns out that working hard is incredibly hard, especially on a consistent basis. The easier option, which few seem to acknowledge, is to not challenge yourself at all. Save yourself the effort.

I know this radical idea will go against everything you’ve come to know yet ignore, but trust me here. We spend much time fooling ourselves into believing that we’re challenging ourselves when we’re only being distracted, so why not remove the middle man? Get that time back.

Tomorrow, instead of getting up soon as your 5am alarm sounds, lie there. If you’re at an advanced level, fall asleep. Don’t fast until lunch, grab a greasy breakfast roll and most importantly, don’t feel guilty, enjoy it, you’ve earned it champ! It’s a hard slog being here on planet earth, ignore health warnings directly related to you and do what you want. You know best. What’s the worst that can happen? It won’t likely happen until your late sixties anyway, worry about it then. Be zen now.

I need to be honest here, it will take time to get comfortable with these new habits. Ironically, it may also require effort to accept this life of comfort. Time and effort are not what you want to be spending I know but trust the process.

People may call you lazy but only because they will be envious. In 10 years when they see how little you’ve changed, they will talk about how you’ve stuck to your guns. You want people to see you as

On top of these simple steps, ignore mistakes made by your friends and family. Especially ignore the advice of professionals. Then definitely don’t do your own research before you pass on second hand information. Stop wasting time with these pointless tasks. Run with it. Save time. Spend more time static than moving. This way you won’t make any mistakes nor exert any energy. Perfection.

This is the new you. The new you is the old you. Congratulations on your old life. Do not learn! Do not challenge yourself.