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Don’t let yourself die in the forest

If you’re out walking and get lost, do you give up and die in the forest? Or do you try and find your way back?

I’ll hazard a guess here and say that you try and find your way back. You may have to retrace your steps, or take a few guesses but you don’t give up and let yourself die in a forest. Is this because your fear of death is so great? Or is it because it’s acceptable to get lost and easy enough to find your way back? We don’t see getting physically lost as a complete failure. It happens and we do what we can to get back on track. You might have to consult a map, or ask someone along the way or ring a friend, whatever. This is all part of problem solving.

If you lose your way in a different area of your life, why treat it any differently? We lose our way all the time but treat ourselves like failures. Life gets in the way, our focus becomes fuzzy and we get distracted. Say you’ve been getting up early for weeks but then you end up going out with friends for a few nights, start sleeping in then work tackles you and next thing you know you’ve lost your early routine for a week. Instead of dying in the proverbial forest, you find you way back and get onto that path instead of beating yourself up and going back to your old ways.

When you’re back on the path, focus on not getting lost again. If it happens again, repeat the process. You will get better at finding your way the more you practice.

Don’t let yourself die in the forest, find your way back to the path. Even if you have to ask for help.