Half Man Half Noodle

Don’t move your feet

How would you have felt if you were told 15 years ago, that you’d have a tiny screen glued to your hand for most of your waking day? You could put your hand on it without having to move your feet, 24 hours a day. You would be connected to the Internet at all times which would unlock the answer to any question you could think of. Your neck would always be pointing down. It’s straight out of science fiction movie.

What if you did it differently. What if all the time you spent playing Candy Crush or watching Tik Toks was spent doing anything else. What if it was spent doing nothing. Literally nothing. Staring at a wall. From which would you get more benefit?

At least staring at a wall your brain is active, thinking about thoughts that consume your brain. This is part of the problem. It’s hard to think, to deal with problems. It’s much easier to switch off and match coloured shapes. Teach yourself to enjoy hard work. Short term gains never lead to long lasting success.