100 days of 'Create Not Consume'

I was faking it

Taught to appear confident in the face of a challenge, first impressions count. Don’t cry or be sad, things don’t always work out. “Fake it ’til you make it”, experience will come. Don’t show your weakness, it will fill them with doubt.

Tough jokey bloke masks feeling inferior, looks good on the surface but not the interior. Work more hours, the money can mend. It will heal the marriage, avoid divorce trends. Superficial friendships based on footie and beer. He can’t tell his friend.

Resting bitch face covers insecurity, the fear of the world and independence. Distracted by selfies at brunch while Cardi B slays. Maybe marriage will help, he’ll behave better then. Let’s have a baby. She can’t tell her friend.

You’re a strong independent man who don’t need no woman. Are you stronger then? You’re a strong independent woman who don’t need no man. Am I stronger then?

You’re trying to cross a border, with a passport, not yours. The grass isn’t greener, it’s just a change. We’re a culture of liars, in photoshopped shells, that carry the meat where souls are a trend. Exist amongst anxiety, do I seem cool? Do all the right things, am I successful?  Stress is a life filled with made up credentials.

You should be honest.

With your feelings, your work, your worries, your dreams.  Other people struggle. You’re human too.

Now you should say “I was faking it.”