If I had to write now

I would write about how uncomfortable it is sitting on the ground and typing. Something is tight. It’s in my lower back. Muscle not spine. I read a lot about the body and at the minute it’s Kelly and Juliet Starretts “Built To Move.” At times I even put the words into practice. Now is that time, unfortunately.

I know that easy choices equal a hard life and hard choices equal an easy life but all of this moving makes me feel as though I have ADHD. Is this how our ancestors really spent their days? Is this really what I have to do to make sure I can move well into my 60s, even 80s? Again, the answer is unfortunately yes.

Get comfortable with discomfort. If nothing else, I’ve found an evening rolling and body tempering routine. Commit to 10 minutes each evening whilst watching or evening scrolling. Done. That’s the reward for doing the work.

Do 10 minutes of mobility or stretching or breathing each evening. Try and make it fun. I know I need to, even if it’s pretty much the last thing I want to do.