Half Man Half Noodle

If you do one thing today…

Sit in silence for 10 minutes, completely free from digital distractions

If you want to call it meditation, use a guided meditation app or youtube video please do but all you need to do is sit with your thoughts for 10 minutes and breathe, deeply.

I understand for many people this is absolute torture but there is no better sign that this is absolutely necessary for your wellbeing. Acknowledge the thoughts that come into your head. If you don’t like them, then there will be time afterwards to deal with how they’re effecting you, acknowledge that they are there and continue to focus on breathing.

During this time, every thought you’re avoiding will come to the forefront of your brain. This will be difficult. What is difficult will help you grow. The tasks you’ve been procrastinating, the relationship issues you’re having, conversations you feel you responded poorly to. Stop burying them and letting them surface in other areas of your life. Deal with them. Every day. Move on.

If you can’t sit in silence for 10 minutes, this is a serious problem but one that can be fixed with practice. Stop running. Please, for your own benefit, get in touch with your mind.