Half Man Half Noodle


Your behaviour and attitude directly influences that of those around you.

If you’re a humble human, it’s easy to assume your behaviour has no influence. It’s also tricky to see. In most cases, people won’t tell you that you’re a good influence (more likely to hear that you’re bad.) If you pay attention though, you’ll see the subtle effects. A friend complaining less, or deleting their social media, taking an interest in a topic you care about.

If you aren’t seeing behaviour you deem to be noble in those you surround yourself with, ask “Are they influencing you? Or are you influencing them?” Will all of your behaviour be copied? No, only facets of what others deem to be “good.” If you’re working out 3 hours each day, your friends are unlikely to do the same but it may encourage them to walk more or be conscious of what they’re eating. Subtle.

I saw a mother scold her child in a restaurant for not saying please and thank you to her, as the mother herself didn’t say please or thank you to the server. How can we expect those close to us to exhibit the traits we deem to be virtuous when we don’t display them ourselves?

If you’re finding yourself frustrated with the characteristics of your close circle. It may be time to move on. Don’t bring yourself down to their level because it’s easy and don’t expect them to come up to yours. Everyone’s virtues differ.

Be the change you seek. You can’t control others but the chances of being a positive influence is much greater if you exhibit the traits you wish to see.