Half Man Half Noodle

Learn to understand

We are taught to memorise, not to understand. Learning the dates and facts of World War II doesn’t help you understand the motivation behind the why. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour in 1941 but why?

Seek to understand a situation and not simply react. When you understand, you’re in a better position to navigate it effectively.  If I can understand why my friends are likely to change plans at the last minute then i’m less likely to be upset if it happens. I can decide to use the time to read a book instead of harbouring frustration. Similarly, if I can learn to understand why these things annoy me, I can reduce time spent being controlled by my emotions.

Understanding requires you to be open minded, ask questions and listen to what you hear. Fear is bred from a lack of understanding. Understanding isn’t about your opinion but about the data.

Learning to understand is learning to see.