Less clutter, more butter

Butter, along with onions and salt are the basis of any good recipe. That sprinkle of cinnamon on the other hand, isn’t. Sure, it displays the flavour of Sri Lanka but that’s only enjoyable if the basics are in check.

If it’s not already clear, I’m not a chef but what I do know is that our lives are crammed with clutter, each day with mountains of cinnamon. Which ice cream should I buy? Which gas station is the cheapest? What outfit should I wear?

Simplicity is key

I get bogged down in minutiae constantly. How long after my breakfast should I exercise? Should I have a coffee before or after that breakfast? Should I go filter or espresso? There’s no doubt these fine details have their place for those working at an elite level. But for many of us, focusing on the meat and potatoes of life produces the majority of results.

Steve Jobs wore the same outfit everyday to remove this decision fatigue. Zuckerberg followed suit. Less time spent thinking about the basics, leaves more brainpower for the important stuff. Stop looking at 4 different packets of spinach deciding which has maximal magnesium. Pick one and move on with your life. As long as you’re picking that over the chips.

If then statements

A conditional statement is one which says if A is true, then do B. If I’m going to work, I will wear jeans and a black turtle neck. If it’s a Sunday, I will do my weekly shop. If it’s a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, I will exercise. If I have less than $100 in my checking account, I will not get uber eats until payday.

Less clutter, more butter.