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Meeting with your boss

Your first meeting of the day is a one on one with your boss. Make sure you’re awake, go for a walk, get a coffee, prepare what you’ve been working on to impress and be ready to sit down one on one.

Meditation is the meeting with your boss. Your boss is your brain. If this is a job you’re serious about, you will have this meeting every day.

If you dread meeting your boss it’s because you know there are going to be difficult conversations. Maybe you haven’t done the work you said you would or have been avoiding tasks that are necessary for the development of the business. People in this position may spend weeks, even years avoiding the boss, hoping to coast along and still get paid. There’s no doubt this can be done but the boss will catch up with you one day and that will be a much more difficult conversation.

Conversely, you might love that meeting because of the praise you will get for your hard work. You might be looking for a promotion because of how much better you are now than when you started. What do you want your boss to say to you?

If you’re avoiding that meeting because an official meeting with your boss (meditation) is too formal, arrange a more relaxed setting. You wouldn’t stare at your phone or ask to have music on in the background though and if your boss allows this, then the business is of no importance to either party.  If someone else is at fault for lack of progress in your job role, you need to explain that to the boss too and figure out a solution. Those that make the most progress own up to their failings on and move on.

You might hate your job, but stop pretending you don’t because you can’t run from your boss forever. Get good at your job or look for a different one so that your boss will be proud of your work.