Half Man Half Noodle

Multitasking is not a productivity hack

It’s easier than ever before to do multiple tasks at once. Listen to music, check email, facetime your Mum, all as you’re planning your dinner on ubereats. This feeling of busyness fools us into thinking we’re being productive. Have you actually done any of these things to your full potential?

Do one thing at a time

Focus on one task. You wouldn’t look to someone meditating whilst listening to a podcast and drinking coffee, as a champion meditator. So why do we allow ourselves off so easily?


Our devices are making it easier than ever before to become lazy and unaware. Therefore it’s up to us to accept responsibility. I know that’s hard but if we don’t cultivate stronger self control we will become victims to our impulses and those around us. Both to those creating the technology we use and to those who we work for.

Focus on yourself

It’s much easier to judge another persons actions than your own. Spend more time being aware of what you’re doing and not doing. We can spend time ruminating on what others think of what we’re doing or how what we’re doing is comparing to what others are doing. These thoughts aren’t paying attention to what you’re doing alone. Comparison is the thief of joy.

Remove distraction

As I write this, at the breakfast bar in my kitchen, I’m surrounded by clutter. Cups, letters, keys, power tools, fruit, you name it. Move to a space where you have the least amount of distraction for you.

Many of us consume and collect possessions without any thought. These objects weigh us down. I’m not suggesting you live an ultra minimalist lifestyle and eat your breakfast on the floor but maybe less is more.

“Its not doing any harm”

I’ll just have a quick browse on ebay before I start or in the background. I can multitask! These innocent distractions compound. Before you know it, you’ll be 10 years down the line wishing you had put more effort into your focus.

If you leave with nothing else, be conscious that you will get better quality results doing one thing at a time.