100 days of 'Create Not Consume'

New Year, New Me

It’s December, traditionally the most glutinous month of the year. A month of celebration where work starts to wind down and holidays are spent over-eating and drinking with our loved ones. Then at the end of the month, we make resolutions for the year ahead quite often with the last month in mind. Eat better, move more, complete a course and so on. It’s much easier to make a big change when you’ve been overindulging because really your body can’t handle too much stimulation either.

As it’s the beginning of December, have you reflected on what you wanted to achieve in the last year? Take time to reflect on what you’ve done (or not done) in relation to these goals. It’s not about revelling in self-accomplishment nor pity, what will that achieve? You want to analyse and use it as a marker for your own progress. This can then help guide you for the next year.

For a few years I was very against yearly resolutions, feeling that they were futile. Why must it be done at the start of a calendar year? Why don’t we think of progress in each and every day instead. I was missing the point. Making progress in different areas requires different lengths of time. Small progress each day amounts to greater progress that month and more noticeable progress over the course of that year. You can’t expect to change career in a month, it may even be difficult in the space of a year but that’s why we need these different time frames to be able to evaluate the progress.

Start evaluating now and thinking of how you want to progress in the future.