Not a problem solver, but opportunity finder

Historically, I’ve had a waning interest in History outside of my own life. I always loved the idea of it, but found studying it to be boring. Endless dates, names and events never-mind struggling to remember who was who. It’s real life Game of Thrones.

In saying this, whilst listening to The Streets of Ballyphehane by Irish folk songwriter John Spillane, I was struck by these lyrics.

O son o son on Connolly Road
We remember James Connolly
He was a brave man, he tried to set his people free.
He fought a hard war against great poverty and inequality

It’s easy to forget the people who gave their lives to creating a better world for a future they may never see. Nurses, humanitarians, teachers, (some) politicians and police.

There will come a day when we’re no longer here, will the world be a better place for having us here? You may not be fighting to set your country free from tyrannical rule but are you helping others to have a better life or just looking out for yourself?

Instead of thinking in terms of being a problem solver, what if we looked at it as being an opportunity finder? The opportunity of having more fulfilling relationships, communities and families. One where we look out for each other instead of trying to the king of our own island.

These men that Spillane sings of, fought in the hope that one day the Island would be free from the rule of another country. What are you fighting for?