100 days of 'Create Not Consume'

Not everyone wants what you want

Ever wonder why your friends aren’t as excited about your new car or that video you thought was hilarious? Turns out, everyone has different goals. We’re all driven by different things, telling ourselves a different story.

It seems stupid in retrospect but it took me a long time to realise this. Why can’t everyone like good music?! Once you realise this, it’s much easier to stop yourself from attempting to force change.

These differences are what makes interacting with others interesting. It would be incredibly boring if we were all the same. It would be more frustrating than we care to imagine too.

Why is this important?

This idea doesn’t come to mind when you’re frustrated with the actions of others. When you’re annoyed at a slow driver, loud chewer or poor time keeper. You’re angry at them because it’s impacting your day, you’re not thinking about why they act the way they do.

Each person has their own habits and reasons for doing things their way (including you!) It may not be the best way of doing things and it may also be incredibly infuriating but they clearly don’t know another way. Or they don’t know that their way isn’t optimum, otherwise why would they do it?

Similarly, don’t feel the need to bend your habits to suit the will of others just because you behave differently. Only change because it will bring positive change to your life.

When people fuck you over or start seemingly pointless arguments try to remember they have their own narrative driving them. Just like you do.