What I’m doing now inspired by Derek Sivers sand this page.


Living in Australia through a 6th lockdown? Looking forward to the warmer days and lying on the grass. Moved into a beautiful apartment with my partner and loving making it a home.

30 days of Jazz

In the middle of a 30 minute per day for 30 days practice routine with the aim of getting my focus back on playing music with purpose. Armed with a copy of The Real Book, the wonderful teaching of Jens Larsen and The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine. Humbling but rewarding.


Upgraded from my humble Aeropress to an Espresso machine. Making a lot of mistakes and loving the process. Especially with help from the coffee guru that is James Hoffman.


Currently reading Deskbound by Kelly Starrett and How To Get Rich by the late Felix Dennis.

Sitting is the new smoking.

Recently enjoyed Breath by James Nestor. Love the principles that we spend the majority of time breathing and moving (or should) yet rarely pause to reflect if we are doing it correctly.

Never Let Go along with many of Dan Johns teachings are clear and simple ways to look at strength and fitness.

Health and Fitness

Working out from home. Pullup bar, resistance bands and time spent mobilising. Working on ankle range of motion and shoulder stability.

Been following the Ketogenic diet for 6 weeks. Enjoying the process and seeing great yet gradual changes.


Moving away from the notion that personal freedom will come about directly as a result of some passive investing in Index Funds. Trying to cultivate a mindset about creation of value through service rather than part time investing. Challenging notions about ‘purpose’ to focus more on living a life filled with helping others.

Updated 23rd August, 2021.