Half Man Half Noodle

Opportunity to learn

Losing a job can be the best thing to ever happen. It can be an opportunity to try something new or it can place an incredible amount of stress on a family. It depends on how you choose to look at it. How can two people look at the same event in two totally different ways?

If an event is outside of your control (which most events are) then it’s in your best interests to view it as an opportunity to learn. If you’ve lost your job, how will focusing on the stress of the situation help you to move forward? You might be thinking that viewing a situation in a different light doesn’t change the reality, which is true. I’m not suggesting that you ignore the truth, but cultivating a mindset where you are able to fix problems is going to be of greater use.

You’ve come to view the world in the way you do, as a result of conditioning and your life experience. If you had had different experiences and by the chance of the world, become friends with different people, your outlook would be different. It’s your choice to view the world differently. It’s difficult but it is your choice. If you view every situation as negative by default then you’ll need to work to change this mindset. Looking at the negatives may be the only way you know but ask yourself is this serving you? Is this helping you to be happy in your life.

Start looking at each situation in your life as an opportunity to learn and see does this serve you better than simply viewing as good or bad.