100 days of 'Create Not Consume'

Progress is a process

Progressive, progression, progress, pro, professional, process, program. “Pro,” the latin for “forward.” The root of all of these words.

When I think of a progressive person, I generally think of an outlier, an extremist. Someone who’s pushing for change, who has new ideas. Forward thinking you might say. Then there’s most of us, treading stagnant water, just about moving with the times. Then those who refuse to learn and move back in time with their backward ideas. Heard of Donald Trump?

It’s risky being progressive in the general sense of the word. Having ideas that aren’t widely accepted by the general population, being one of the first to take a leap. But it’s making progress. Who doesn’t want to make progress in their life? Who doesn’t want things to be better?

I can’t think of anyone who would want to look at the past 10 years of their life and realise they hadn’t made any progress.

How are you making progress right now? What areas of your life are you looking at to see what changes need to be made?

Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything – George Bernard Shaw

Progress is a process (even process is about moving forward!) It’s thoughtful, gradual change over a period of time. It’s about being consistent. Tracking the progress. Making changes based on the results of this tracking. Acknowledge your weakness and focus on raising them to the level of your strengths.

Rome wasn’t built a day and marathons are run a step at a time. Define your key parameters for your success and monitor milestones as you go. Change and adapt. This is how you make progress.

Instant gratification is our culture. We want immediate results, the shortcut and not have to do any of the work. Give me the secret because my time is valuable. Life is busy. Unfortunately for you, whilst you seek these shortcuts and hacks, someone who wants what you also want is putting in the work, day by day, step by step and building a much stronger foundation. They’re up earlier and working harder whilst you stare at your Instagram feed.