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Rebalancing your life portfolio

There’s an idea in investing known as rebalancing your portfolio. The basic idea is that as you invest your savings in different assets: stocks, bonds, property etc. You re-evaluate what weighting of your total savings are invested in each category as these increase or decrease in value over time. The same principle should be applied to your time and energy.

Without money we would find it very difficult to live the lives we have become accustomed to. As P T Barnum said, money is a terrible master but an excellent servant. The same can be said for time and energy. These all go hand in hand.

From time to time it’s worth looking at where you’re spending your time and energy. Maybe you’re investing too much into work and not enough into the relationships around you, your friends and family. What’s draining your energy? Where could this time be re-invested so that you feel full of life. Remember, pain often comes in disguise— as drowsiness, fever, loss of appetite.

Try your best to steer away from feelings of overwhelm when you look at where your time is being spent. You can feel as if it’s been spent in the wrong areas but you’re hopefully spending it in these areas for a particular reason. The important thing is that you are changing how it’s spent now. Would you rather continue to live in ignorant bliss until you’re really stuck 15 years down the line? It’s difficult to acknowledge that you’ve been doing the ‘wrong’ thing, there’s that part of you that tells you you’re a failure.

This is a message to me, as much as it is a reminder to you. We may never be doing, the ‘right’ thing. Who’s to say what’s right in a particular moment and even more so what’s right for whom in that moment. We can only do what we feel is best. What this best ism changes with time and experience (hopefully.) You should be worried if you look back at who you were this time last year and see the same person. Don’t lose hope. Rebalance your life portfolio. Persevere. Just as stocks will have periods of growth and decline, so will the areas in your life.