Half Man Half Noodle

Thank you

It’s easy to look at everything you’ve accomplished in your life and give yourself a big juicy pat on the back. You put the work in and got yourself to the position you’re in now, you’re the boss! It’s also very easy to blame the people who got in your way and prevented you from living your best life. But do you ever think of all the people who helped you get to where you are now? No man is an island.

Your parents who loved you, did what they felt was best for you and invested their time and money so you could become who you are today. Family friends who looked after you to give your parents time to run errands or just a fucking break from your incessant whining. Those teachers who went above and beyond, who had a profound impact on how you look at the world today. The teachers who had to put up with the ignorant and at times disrespectful behaviour that bonded you with friends. Teachers in general. Coaches who gave up their Saturday mornings (often voluntarily) so you could run around a cold field, kicking a ball sideways with your friends. Friends parents who let you practice your terrible yet incredibly loud music in their house (and their neighbours for not phoning the police.) Friends. Those who drove hours at their own expense for you to be able to play music in a different city. Those who clapped. Those who bought a t-shirt. The organiser who lost money as only 5 people turned up. Grandparents who listened to your stories, made you sandwiches and never told you how stupid you were. Your family. Friends who were there for you even when you didn’t deserve it, when you took it for granted. Friends who were involved in your teenage drama and still called you a friend when you were clearly a dickhead. Doctors who helped you after so many gave you the wrong information. The nurses. Partners who were there for you when you were absent, who opened your mind to new opportunities, gave you a platform to move city. Forgave you. University classmates who would help you when you didn’t understand simple math then come back into your life years later as you start a new life thousands of miles away from home. The boss who took a chance on you and gave you a job. Trusted you to deal with responsibility and step up to the plate. Encouraged you to further your career. The landlord who let you pay late when you were struggling. Strangers who help when your car breaks down. Strangers who say “Hello” and smile as you walk. New friends who give you an old car, for free, to help you find your way in a strange city. Housemates who cook, organise movie nights and put up with your annoying habits. The thousands working in governments and protesting for your rights as you sit at home watching Netflix. Friends who give you gym equipment to help you recover after a breakup and those who go on a diet with you to lose weight. Colleagues who go for a coffee with you and vent about your frustrating job. Anyone who listens to your stupid bullshit but makes you feel validated, who pulls you up on your shit with the hope that you become a better person. Those who put free information on the internet that helps you to look at the world in a different way. Those who donate to Cancer research, crisis support or any important cause. All those people who have helped and you can’t even remember because you’re thinking about yourself as usual. The people that fuck you over too because that change helps you become stronger. Teaches you how to not treat other people. That one person who sends you a message saying they appreciate your work. People who inspire you every fucking day to keep doing what you do. Thank you.

We are all one island.