Half Man Half Noodle

The only valuable thing you can add to conversation

Is your view of the world, from your perspective. We can all recall facts from popular books and news all day long. Whether it’s from Atomic Habits or daily Coronavirus figures. The only valuable thing you can add to these facts, is your perspective on them.

It’s easy to feel that your opinion isn’t as well researched as the next mans. To some extent that may be true, but what another person can’t offer, is the way you look at the world as a result of your experience. Even if you’ve lived in the same house since birth and had the same job since leaving school. That gives you a particular perspective on the world, and that’s valuable. That gives you a very valid viewpoint on the local area and how things have changed through the years. Someone who has just moved to the area can’t understand the context you have. Being in one position or place for a sustained period of time gives you this context so if you’re happy in that place, don’t feel pressured to move.

Experience is valuable, but experience shouldn’t mean only particular experiences. Travelling the world, skydiving, or getting arrested don’t give superior experience, only different. In the same way that getting up at the same time as Oprah, doesn’t make you Oprah. We tend to feel that if a person has done a particular job or had particular experience, that they are more experienced to critique.

Someone who has travelled extensively doesn’t necessarily have more qualified views on poverty. Unless they have spent their time researching the area. Although, subconsciously we can feel that particular experiences make others wiser, wiser than us. We should always be learning and revising what we think. Change is positive and thinking differently than we did last year is also positive. Some feel that a change of opinion is contradictory, but I see it as growth. One way to ensure this happens often is to offer your point of view. Then listen to how others respond. From here you can decide if there’s a better viewpoint out there and adapt. A fool with learn nothing from a wise man, but a wise man will learn much from a fool.

Remember, your view of the world is important in conversation. It may not be popular, but different perspective are what make the world interesting.