Half Man Half Noodle

Try harder

You must try harder. Work harder. Put in more effort. At what? At everything!

In doing this, you must work harder in choosing what you focus on. This will be a challenge every waking moment of your life and a challenge you’re fortunate to have. There are millions of distractions fighting for your attention at all times and it’s up to you to decide where you place your focus. Is it beneficial for you to spend an hour down a youtube rabbit hole? Or would that time be better spent elsewhere? The beauty of this is that you can choose to be distracted by whatever comes to you if you wish. That’s a choice you have.

Why didn’t you achieve more in 2020? Netflix was distracting me, I couldn’t travel anywhere because of the travel ban, I just didn’t have the motivation because everywhere was closed. What shitty excuses. Try harder. This is assuming that you want to achieve something, that you seek a better quality of life. If you don’t then ignore this.

There’s no doubt that this is difficult but that’s life. To adapt and overcome. Life is suffering (If you read anything from Buddha to Freud.) It’s full of challenges and you either let each challenge beat you or you rise to meet it. Some argue that the majority of what we do is compulsive behavior to ignore the fact we are dying and alone. In thinking this, if you’re going to distract yourself you may as well make it worthwhile.

Whilst you’re at it, don’t expect a pat on the back or praise your valiant efforts. You work harder, for yourself. So that you will live a better life and be a better person. Isn’t that enough? Why must we seek the approval and praise of others, surely the improvements to our lives is enough? Try harder.