Half Man Half Noodle

What can I do now, to make life easier for future me?

Life is about averages not extremes. You don’t get fit by doing one mega run but from continued training over a long period of time. This continued effort makes life easier for future you. This doesn’t happen by chance, you have to ask, what can I do now, to make life easier for future me?

Present VS Future

I have this constant inner battle between calm, living in the moment Conor and alert, planning for the future Conor. This idea that happiness lives in the current moment rings true but I find it difficult to strike the balance between living in this place and ensuring I am set for the future. This is life balance. We often see life in the extremes, either good or bad, but most of life lives in this boring middle ground that makes the good and bad possible.

We must learn to learn to enjoy what we have in the present whilst being aware that there may be a future. How do we do this?


The older I get, the more I see how failing to plan in the past has lead me to be in places I had no intention of being. At times, these have been great but quite often leaves us with less passion.

Think of a job you’ve found yourself in after a period of unemployment, versus one you had sought and fought for. I had planned to quit teaching and travel before figuring out how I would earn an income afterwards which was great, this then lead me to Australia (which wasn’t planned.) This turned out to be fantastic but it wasn’t planned. Due to this lack of planning, my direction is starting to waver. As regular life evens out, it’s becoming clear that I need to plan again for the next 5, 10 years.

Failing to plan leads to aimless wandering, which can turn out well but the chances of success of control over your situation involve planning. Think of this as working for future you.

Delay gratification

In order for optimum chances of success in the future, we need to delay gratification now. Instead of chilling out and relaxing after work, put in an hour of planning for the rest of the week. Is this what you want to do after a strenuous day at the office? Most likely no but are your future circumstances going to improve if you don’t?

We have to be aware we have limited control over what happens in the future. We could be diagnosed with cancer or be pulled to join a Christian missionary in France, but we still must prepare. We must look after our bodies, our minds, our relationships and our wallets so that worst case scenario we are prepared.


One way to improve your future life, is to examine the problems you’re having right now. As Ryan Holidays book, The Obstacle is The Way preaches, every problem is a chance to learn. We need not blame these problems for where we are or how we are performing but acknowledge that they are tests, and ways for us to further our learning. Become better people.

An injury shouldn’t be seen as the reason you can’t perform to your highest standard, but a chance to focus on other areas of your health, stretching and recovery. We will have moments of weakness where we dwell in these negatives because they are difficult. We have the power to perceive these situations differently.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore problems, they will only compound and make life more difficult for future you, but start to break them down. We have the ability to find answers to everything, right at our fingertips. We have fewer excuses to not find solutions to our problems than ever before. Just do it.

Think, what can I do now, to make life easier for future me?