What happened to dreams?

Have you got to the point where your life is wake up, coffee, work, dinner, tv, repeat? What happened to dreams?

What happened to dreams?

I wanted to be a rockstar from I was 11 right up until I was 21. Every day I would have my headphones in, listening to blistering metal, day dreaming about being on a festival stage in Europe in front of 30,000 screaming fans.

This all changed when I got my first full time job. Real life! It wasn’t that my time had become more scarce, simply being amongst regular working folk. This idea of real life spreads like a virus and suffocates dreams. It’s hard making it to the level of famous musician too. If it wasn’t, I could have written Stairway to Heaven. Going to a job you don’t love each day and paying rent is somehow easier.

I didn’t have the work ethic needed to make it happen either, I thought it was going to be much easier than it was. I over estimated my work ethic too. Getting an A in exam was different to achieving a non-graded goal. How do you put a finish point on a goal like becoming a rock star? That’s a poor excuse. The old singer from that very band I was in, is still grafting away, working his way to stardom as I write this. That’s inspiring. That’s a dream.

Bring back dreams

It takes a lot of balls to have dreams. Just asked the fool who spent 30 years turning degraded land into a beautiful rich forest. This documentary highlights the importance of having a dream and persevering in the face of adversity. Being confident in yourself despite being called a fool, or dreamer. Dreamer is often used as a derogatory term, not one of endearment. A dreamer should be a compliment, especially as they are so rare.


We lose our child like state of dreaming as the harsh realities of life crush our spirit. It’s great fun to dream like a kid, but not to be treated like one. Find creative solutions to old problems. Be filled with optimism and hope. Dig out that old scrapbook of dreams you once had. Maybe it requires some dusting and reframing but chase one of those ideas. So what if it doesn’t amount to anything.

Dreams give us a greater purpose than simply paying rent. Whether it’s seeing your kid go to college, or climbing Mount Everest. You dream should be unique to you. We need a greater purpose than paying rent or going on holiday, otherwise, what’s the point?