Half Man Half Noodle

What if I die today?

If I die today, will I be happy with how I’ve lived?

When you hear this question do you think of monetary success or about your values? Will you be glad to have had that amazing car and house or wish you had spent more time with your family and made time for those who you care about? Will you be glad you worked so hard at your job, will those people remember you in 3 months? Even if they do, what will it matter to you, you’ll be dead. Will you be happy you caved to your urges so easily in moments of weakness? You desired so much. Will you even get time to think about these things. Was that worth fighting about? Is this worth desiring? Has the time spent complaining, stressing or being anxious benefited me? Is it worth me biting my tongue if it’s for the benefit of the community? The time spent queuing for that ‘experience’ to put a picture of a fleeting moment on your story instead of fully experiencing.

This question may seem futile but it’s very important. It should be a baseline for every decision you make and how you decide you spend your time. We’re all guilty of doing activities that aren’t worth our time, staying longer than we want but if we knew we were going to die (which we are) we would be much more selective.

If we could see the digits in our bank account continually declining we would want to put our money into the things that really matter before it was gone. Why is this different from the way we spend our time? Will you wish you had spent more time scrolling instagram, wish you had spent more time checking notifications or chatting shit about how great you are to your co-workers?

Every morning when you open your eyes, be grateful that you have woken up. You could have died in your sleep. If you die today what would you like to have achieved? You should have goosebumps thinking about this.