Half Man Half Noodle

What would Arnold do?

In any area where you want to improve, someone has already done what you think is impossible. People have pushed through their obstacles. They have faced the same struggles, doubts and questions. Success leaves clues and thanks to the internet these clues are easy to find. Interviews, podcasts, books, articles. Think of a particular area where you’re trying to improve and think “What would Arnold do?”

We’re continually plagued by indecision. Spoilt by choice, and each day your brain can only make so many decisions. Reduce the workload by asking yourself what would a successful person do? Would Kevin Hart be spending this time binging Netflix? Would Elon Musk be wasting time with people he doesn’t respect doing things that don’t help him further his mission? Would Beyonce be looking at pictures of her ex on social media?

What does this success look like? What are the minimum steps I need to take, to make this a reality? Have someone in mind for each area of your life: friendship, love, health, career, philanthropy. Use them as a guiding force.

Why is this helpful?

You’ve gotten to this stage in your life following your beliefs and patterns of behaviour. If you want to stay in the same place then don’t change how you think BUT if you want to have a better quality of life, you must take inspiration from those who have what you want and have travelled that path.

If health and fitness is an area where you want to succeed then pick someone whose image is impressive to you. This doesn’t have to be a popular figure, simply someone you admire. When it comes to making a decision about diet or picking between a workout and social occasion think “What would Arnold do?”

Who are my role models?