Half Man Half Noodle

Will this minor inconvenience matter on my deathbed?

Does this matter? Death comes to us all, and for some, sooner than we think. During scenarios I find stressful, I’ve started to ask “Will this matter when I’m taking my last breaths?” Whatever bullshit is going on at work, silly drama with my friends and someone being annoyed they got a pickle on their burger. Will any of that tedious, trivial bullshit matter when you’re thinking back on your life? Probably not. Truthfully, we don’t know for sure, but we can look at the examples of those who have been through the process before us to look for clues.

I won’t be condescending, listing off platitudes such as “life is short” and “each day is a fresh start”, you’re perfectly aware of these and it doesn’t make a difference. You still go to your shitty job you hate and complain about the pickle on your burger. Take a look at these common regrets. I hate the word regret but I’ll allow others to suffer through it and hopefully learn from their mistakes. Maybe I’ll feel it on my deathbed too. Also, don’t look to these expecting it to be a miracle cure or the wake-up call you’ve been waiting for but simply to be aware.

Common regrets

To simplify all of these common regrets for you; Don’t worry what others think or compare yourself to them, focus on what you’re doing. Take action and start now. Take chances and keep going when you hit the dip. Take care of your body. Listen to those around you and tell those who you love, that you love them. Stay in touch. Leave work at work. Laugh more and travel more. Do what you’re going to say you’re going to do. Surround yourself with people you respect. Trust your gut and have confidence in yourself.

Start asking yourself why you’re doing things and if it will matter on your deathbed. The things we feel will make our lives full such as more money, more success, a bigger car and a bigger house are not what people value when faced with death.