Half Man Half Noodle

Your life isn’t average, it’s mode

What you do repeatedly today, this week, this month. That’s your life. Routine and relationships are your life. Your life isn’t the once a year holiday, or a one off special occasion but the things that happen most frequently. The mode.

The mode in a data set, is what happens most frequently. The average would be adding up all the highs and lows and dividing that by the amount of events that happened in total. That’s an average life.

To say your life is average makes sense because it’s not all high and lows, it’s somewhere in the middle. To be more accurate though, you should be concerned with the mode. Repeating the actions you want to be prominent. If you want to be a pro golfer, you need to increase the amount of time spent developing your golf game. The same goes with money, family or career.

Your life isn’t what you did 10 ten years ago, that was your life then but what you’re doing now is your life. Stop daydreaming, making excuses, wishing, being complacent or blaming others. You have the power to mould your life into any shape you wish but it requires consciousness and decisive action. Your life is mode.